All-Star Band via live stream

The All-Star Band is a group of musicians from many bands around the NOVA area.

The lineup for this show is:

Scotty Pippen Robinson – Lead Singer for Scott’s New Band and Other Brother Darryl.

Billy Ruddy – Guitar Player for The Reflex.

Greg Gonzalez – Guitar Player for Dr. FU.

Matt Greene – Guitar Player for For the Win.

Tom Eng – Bass Player for 8 Track Jones.

Richard Friedman – Drummer. Richard started the All-Star Band so he can hang out with his friends and enjoy stage time with his friends. “There are so many musicians around in this area why wouldn’t you want to play with some of the most amazing people.”

If YouTube is not allowing the embed. Just click on “Watch this video on YouTube” to see the live stream on YouTube.

Connect with All Star Band:

We are still working on getting back to the Green this summer, but for now, we are going to live stream every Friday at 7:30pm – on our homepage, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.


Starts On

August 21, 2020 - 7:30 pm

Ends On

9:30 pm