FNL Weather Policy

Friday Night Live! is almost always held unless actual rain forces us to cancel. We almost NEVER cancel based on a forecast, so please do not assume we will call it off. More often than not, the rain forecasted is falling somewhere else and our concerts are on.

In fact, this image is the actual radar from our concert on May 3, 2019. The blue dot is Herndon. That night, we did get the concert in before the rain came.

In the event of obvious inclement weather (raining all day in Herndon and not predicted to stop) we try to make a call as early as we can be sure, but generally it is made late in the afternoon. As soon as we make a call to cancel we will typically update via our email list, our Facebook page, and Twitter first and then on our home page as soon as we can.

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Tim Nachazel / Investin Real Estate
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